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July dream --- rowing into the central original "sports cup" dragon boat race boat challen
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The dragon lake in July, still calm in the heat,

On the first day, it was a beautiful scene.

At five o 'clock in the afternoon, all the people of the world are gathered in the dragon lake.

The boat entered the "body color cup" dragon boat race challenge race, and the "water cup" 2017 university student rowing challenge was held in the dragon lake.

On the rippling surface of the lake, 15 boats were lined up and ready to go. The rowing team from well-known colleges and universities in China and abroad, wearing different colors of uniforms, is like a rainbow on the water. The rainbow and the trees by the lake are shaded by trees, and man and nature are one.

PS:Teams respectively (in no particular order) : Hong Kong lingnan university rowing team rowing team, tsinghua university, Peking University alumni alumni rowing team rowing team, rowing team tianjin university of science and technology, xi 'an jiaotong university, north China water conservancy and hydropower college rowing team rowing team, zhengzhou, henan finance and economics university of political science and law. Ninety middle school teachers rowing team, zhengzhou Yang Qiao central school rowing team.

The hour hand points to five points, the minute needle points to a moment, the sun disappears half hot, the water begins to cool.

Opening ceremony of the first game from provinces and cities, all the leadership of the government, the school authorities stand in a row, with a warm speech, expressed congratulations and expectation of the game, at the same time, we also heard the parties together, in the development in the central plains of China rowing determination and prospect.

PS:The opening ceremony by the henan province aquatic sports administrative center director to pay you into a host, north China water conservancy and hydropower college President liu wen wenkai, zhengzhou zhengdong new district management committee, deputy director of rui-hua niu, henan province sports bureau deputy director Paul peng wang delivered a speech respectively. Henan province sports bureau deputy director Paul peng wang, deputy director-general of the henan province department of education Li Jinchuan, vice mayor of zhengzhou city government liudong, zhengzhou zhengdong new district management committee, deputy director of rui-hua niu, north China water conservancy and hydropower college President liu wen wenkai unveiled for the match.

After the opening ceremony, students from the elementary and middle schools of zhengdong new district dedicated a 200-meter leisure boat warm-up match. The young Chinese, who show their ability in rowing, can see the future of rowing.

The contest was held on the day of the 2017 brics Internet university annual conference. Participants also attended the event. All over the world, the audience of all colors, let the rowing team not to watch, and thought that they were in the Olympic Games.

In front of the radio cameras, the uncle, who looks like an ANSI coach, is the CEO of 24 universities in South Africa. Ahmed said, this is his first time to come to zhengzhou, the sight of this game is very shock, can more didn't think the game with the surrounding environment and ecology so perfect confluence is together, hope that the government departments can continue to follow-up, hope can have the opportunity to come here to watch the boat race... It is not bad, the subtext is: "can you send me the annual ticket of the dragon boat race boat?" .

Water through the competitive sport, as the host of China with rich indeed as expected expectations, give full play to the right place, right time and strength, the boys' team with women gains respectively in the chase men champion, and third prizes. For this race, give you 100 points, not afraid of your pride.
After the event, the slope of the sun faded and the sky was bright.

The team took a photo together, and it was the rowing that let them know each other. It was the spirit of sportsmanship that made them friends. The MEDALS on the team's chest are not only the recognition of strength, but also the testimony of a good memory.

At the event, wang shaomao and wang ermao, live version of beauty and beast.

The game, the appearance of people, the man standing at the end of the boat, I know, you are on which boat, that ship is the Titanic?

More July events, wonderful continuation...

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