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2017 China chengdu international elite rowing challenge competition.
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The children's shoes are on their tails in July.

He went to the feast again.

This new tianjin international school boat challenge competition.

The local government, which is quite sincere, has a great deal of praise.

I arrived at xinjin on the morning of July 27th.

The summer in the south is like the north.

There was a hot breeze.

The bus didn't have time to wash its face.

It is "kakaka" being photographed by various media cameras.

Excitement and enthusiasm.

By the way, the hotel is very hot.

The green shade of the summer long, the terrace reflected into the pond.

The crystal curtain moved the breeze, and it was full of incense.

This time,

The children's shoes are quite popular with a foreign team.

First the dinner was served at the same table.

The other side also offered a team flag to our coach.

He then met at the airport through security.

A dance video with a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.
Were they shocked by their pious expressions?

University of otago, New Zealand.

The men's team at this event.

A teacher did a survey.

The players adapted themselves to the heat of the match.

I spent two whole months in a forty - degree room every day.

La la la, don't go up.

Bask in our little friends playing field seriously.


It rained all the time.

The rain came in a hurry.

The air was still wet and hot.

Along the south bank with the teacher.

A shot of boating for the bobbin.

In the streets of the people.

Suddenly I miss longzi lake.

A coach said

If you don't train your favorite things.

That was the trip.

Can feel well

The colleagues at the bottom joined the chorus.

All way

College is an ivory tower.

Society is the big dye VAT.

And life after all is an experience.

One day in a certain year.

I suddenly remember something.

It is the appearance of youth.

The event is most impressive.

There is a strong clash between Chinese and western cultures.

The teacher said,

Look at these foreign students.

Be serious about the game.

How to appeal, arbitration all ask clear?


All the men in suits are suave.

Women are both high and late.

When I got up

The boy's suit took off his shoes.

Free and unrestrained like a wild child.

Capital envy

Or to bask in the seeds of our roots.

His shan zhishi

Can offend jade


Keep trying

Who is whose scenery?

Who decorate whose dreams.

In the beautiful scenery of the beautiful mountains and rivers.

Our boat

Across here

Over there,

Maybe youth will end.

But dreams are never forgotten.

Army day on August 1.


In the crash of all living beings,

Dear children's shoes,

Hey man

How many degrees of healthy wheat?

On the other,

Suntan feng jiu rowing team in Harbin.

As for the origin of the old nine.

Can you guess what

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